Postpartum Support Circle (Weekly)

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A 7-week holistic postpartum program that brings the village to you. New mums sit in a weekly subject-led and practitioner-advised support circle from the comfort of home. 

The online program structure pairs traditional peer-to-peer and group talk therapy with access to practitioners who are vital to lowering anxieties and promoting postpartum healing. Through self-discovery, a woman will find confidence in her individual mothering style, help relationships to blossom and experience physical healing through shared experiences and growth.

Together, we explore:

  • birth story
  • diet
  • family sleep
  • intimacy and communication
  • pelvic floor
  • relationships
  • body image
  • movement
  • going back to work, and
  • whatever else comes up in discussion.

Join every Thursday at 10 AM AST from wherever you are. This program is best for women to start within the first 12 weeks of postpartum. Babies are welcome and strongly encouraged. Meeting room details will be sent to the email given at checkout.

This package includes 7 sessions.

Please note that this is a preventative wellness group and is not designed for women who have been diagnosed with a perinatal anxiety or mood disorder. Please see a professional or contact us if you need help finding support.